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when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment using clear aligners !

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Social six for better smile

This is the premium Japanese brand of Clear Aligners.

The treatments are focused on the concept of "Social Six".

Thus the treatments require less number of aligners.


Indian - Economical - Reliable

illusion Aligners are made in India using world class technology. It is the only aligner brand in India to have USFDA certification & catres to the smiles of more than 26 countries in the world.




Explore various options

ClearCorrect aligners are made from a multi-layer medical-grade plastic that was designed over years of research and trials. The result is a stunningly transparent and resilient aligner that moves teeth effectively.



Invisalign Consultation


Chinmai Mannem

Excellent clinic. They definitely know what they are doing. I have a very nice experience in the clinic. I have undergone through Invisalign treatment and it worked great for me. They give you all the options to go with and explain everything properly. Even I got done root canal treatment here which I felt was great.


Patients Recommending

Our expertise in aligner therapy, as well as our partnerships with some of the world's top aligner brands like Invisalign, Illusion Aligners & KiyoClear Aligners makes us a safe and affordable choice for your treatment.


We are dental aligner experts & we are preferred partners for most leading aligner brands throughout the world.


This makes your dental aligner treatment more

predictable & cost effective.

About Us
Sneha Bhandari2.png

Dr. Sneha Bhandari


Dr. Sneha Bhandari has been creating beautiful smiles for 25+ years now & she is passionate about the preserving the oral health. 

She has developed an outstanding capacity for clinical diagnostics and skills to provide targeted Dental treatments.

She engages with her Patients & takes them a walk through the journey of their oral rejuvenation, emphasizing on holistic care including educating them with respect to the oral health. 

She truly knows how important it is to have the perfect smile & oral environment.

Sameer Bhandari.png

Dr. Sameer Bhandari


Dr. Sameer Bhandari has been practicing dentistry since last 25 = years.

His patient base includes patients coming from all walks of life, not just local but also international. The work done by him is highly appreciated and most of them have been repeatedly visiting for various treatments.

He stays up to date with the latest technology, advances in dentistry & patient care. 

Now Dental Aligners is the main focus of his dental practice.


Dr. Sameer Patil

M.D.S. Orthodontics

Dr. Sameer Patil who is also a Principal & Head of the Department of Orthodontics in Sinhgad Dental College, Pune has a 25+ years of clinical experience .

He is known for simplifying the most complex dental conditions. He has numerous patents to his credentials and he has contributed with many innovative treatment protocols in the field of Orthodontics. 

He has exceptional skills & contributions in the areas of clinical Orthodontics, research and development in the field of Orthodontics & upliftment of dental healthcare in India.

He is passionate about raising the standards of dentistry in India through revolutionary and best practices in education and administration, helping healthcare professionals to focus on improved patient care.


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