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Illusion Aligners

The company Illusion Aligners is USFDA approved and is based in India.

They have a team of experienced orthodontists and a production laboratory that creates high-quality aligners.

The aligners are made in a state of the art facility with very little manual intervention to ensure they are precise, durable and long lasting.

When you opt for treatment with illusion aligners, you can be confident in knowing that your smile will stay well-aligned for years to come. However, if for any reason your smile does begin to drift out of alignment after treatment, we will be happy to help you get it back on track at no extra charge.

Pricing plans are designed to be both affordable and straightforward. You'll only be charged for the number of aligners necessary to correct your dental issue.

Book an appointment for free suitability assessment for Illusion Aligners

We will thoroughly assess your dental health. This assessment will give us a clear idea of the most ideal Invisalign plan for your needs.

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