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KiyoClear Aligners

KiyoClear Aligners are the Japan's most trusted brand of aligners. These are very high quality premium aligners to treat various dental conditions. Although these aligners are made up of a vary high quality layered material these are comparatively affordable.

The Kireilign Protocol is a result of extensive work by Dr. Masharu Ishigame, a highly experienced orthodontist. The protocol makes it one of the most convenient treatments available to orthodontists to treat malocclusion in patients at an affordable price.

Treatment of "Social Six" is the most important concept that is followed while planning the treatment.

This makes treatment time shorter and treatment less expensive while keeping in mind patient's desires of smile correction.

These aligners use a patented technology which creates space by simultaneous use of expanders with aligners thus minimizing need for interproximal reduction of teeth.

Book an appointment for free suitability assessment for KiyoClear Aligners

We will thoroughly assess your dental health. This assessment will give us a clear idea of the most ideal Clear Aligner plan for your needs.

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