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Open bite

When you bite down, your back teeth are touching while your front teeth are not, creating an open space when you smile.

What is open bite & why should one get it treated ?

An open bite can make it difficult to bite into foods, and can place irregular pressure on your jaw joint and individual teeth. That can lead to gum recession, bone loss, and worn-down teeth.

One common dental condition requiring orthodontic treatment is an open bite. Open bite is one kind of malocclusion or “bad bite”: when the top and bottom teeth don’t touch each other when the mouth is fully closed, showing an opening between the top and bottom teeth. Open bite could occur in the front or in the back of the mouth, although a frontal open bite is much more common.

In a proper bite, the rows of upper and lower teeth should connect all the way across, with the upper teeth overlapping the lower teeth slightly when the mouth is fully closed.

With an open bite, the upper and lower teeth do not make contact in the front or back of the mouth, even when the jaw is shut.

Can Clear Aligners help to get open bite corrected?

Yes! Clear aligners can fix an open bite.

Initial Condition


After Correction


Other conditions which can be corrected using clear aligners

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