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Why do I need to replace missing teeth? I can manage without few missing teeth.

Ahh! most individuals who have missing teeth eventually get used to chewing on whatever is left in the mouth. I have seen few people who can manage without a single tooth in their mouth.

How does it happen?

Usually, jaw joint & your stomatognathic system gets adapted to the new situation & try to restore the masticatory function.

But in turn, there is increased wear & tear of the jaw joints & teeth.

The oral / facial musculature also gets affected with this unnatural activity.

It is scientifically proved that missing teeth does not only affect the jaw bones but also affect the jaw joint & the spine.

Undiagnosed headaches, Sleep apnea and spine problems can be attributed to the missing teeth, worn out dentition & jaw joint.

So it is must that you must get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible.

It will help you to stay young for longer time.

Incase you have any missing teeth & you haven't yet got them replaced please book your appointment for the assessment to restore complete function of stomatognathic system.

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