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I don't look forward for dental treatments

Because I have Dental Phobia or Anxiety about dental treatments.

Dentists love Dentistry beyond their life and they are willing to sacrifice anything for the better outcome of the treatment.

Patients also enjoy the life after the final outcome of the treatment as they can now eat better, smile better & look better as a result of successful completion of dental treatment.

Almost all patients report improvement in quality of life on successful completion of dental treatment / a dental rehabilitation.

Even though things improve, very few people are willing to undergo complete dental treatment because they have some fear or anxiety about dental treatment.

The fear or anxiety about dental treatment is mainly because of the complex nature of the treatment, lot of mechanical work being carried out in the patient's mouth, getting injections every time & prolonged treatment hours on a long span of time.

The dental experience differs from individual to individual and most important factor that affects your experience is how you look at the dental treatment or your attitude towards the dental treatment.

Other factors that affects your dental treatment experience is practice atmosphere, the dentist's ability to manage your anxiety and the skill sets of the whole team.

Some individuals already suffer from anxiety disorder and everything fails to reduce the anxiety and patients keep avoiding treatments because of fear.

Such patients can be treated under sedation or we can administer anxiety reducing medication to treat such patients.

Medication would be a temporary solution & undergoing treatment under sedation is not the best idea.

Good idea is to speak to patients, understand their anxiety and address the specific area of concern to make the treatment experience better.

We at Bhandari Dental Clinic now have a consultant on our panel who would address this specific issue of dental phobia or dental anxiety and try to make your treatment experience better through counselling .

We can speak to you understand your concern, identify the exact issue and try to speak to you regarding the issue and reduce the anxiety.

This would be a process of counselling the patients to overcome their anxiety and face the treatment with minimal or no medication.

This approach is the most effective way of treating patients who have anxiety as it addresses the issue at the root cause and does not rely on medication only.

We, at Bhandari Dental Clinic try to understand your concerns and address your anxiety to make your dental visits as comfortable as you expect them to be.

If you are suffering from dental phobia and are looking for the solutions for your dental problems click to book an appointment with us.

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