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Digital Dentistry for Accuracy, comfort & time saving

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Contribution of technology to healthcare has been helping doctors to improve on diagnosis, shorten the treatment time & give more comfort to the patients.

Although technology helps to reduce treatment time & improve outcome of the healthcare services, it also helps patients to have prolonged benefits of the treatments.

Digital Dental Scanning has been one such innovation in Dentistry. Digital Dentistry has helped us to make accurate diagnosis & plan our procedures accordingly.

At Bhandari Dental Clinic, we have latest of the dental equipments including Digital OPG & Digital 3D Intraoral Scanner which allows us to follow a complete digital protocol for planning & execution of dental treatments.

It helps us to create a virtual treatment plan & treatment simulations which helps to bridge the gap between the planned treatment & the final results.

That means final results will be as accurate as the Digitally simulated treatment.

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