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Best Practices To Maintain Aligner Hygiene

In the modern day, smiling is the best practice that can help in regaining confidence. There is nothing harm in smiling when you have beautiful teeth to display.

But sometimes it's not easy for someone who is undergoing treatment and has a brace on their teeth. Well, Soniya prefers invisible aligners over braces as it is easier to install and does not affect their confidence.

But to maintain this confidence through an invisible aligner, there is a need to take care of them, unlike braces. Maintaining good hygiene prevents the accumulation of plaque and other bacterial problems in the teeth.

Here are some of the daily hacks you can implement before going to sleep:

1. Cleaning Twice A Day: As you have the advantage of removing the aligners before you eat, there are some chances that the food particle gets struck between the gaps in the teeth and gets trapped within the aligners when you place it again. Clean your teeth and aligners before you go to sleep or it is recommended to wash them twice a day.

2. Wash & Rinse: Take a soft bristle toothbrush and gently brush the aligners in a clockwise direction and then upwards and downwards. The tough to the aligner should be light but make sure every food particle is detached from it. There is no need to use a toothpaste to clean the aligners, you can use mild soap water to clean them. Avoid taking a toothbrush with hard bristles. Don’t wash your aligners in hot water.

3. Remove While Eating: As aligners are removable, so the best practice is to remove while eating or drinking. It increases the life of aligners. This also prevents them from staining and unpreventable damage.

4. Resting In Case: With every aligner, you receive a storage case, always store your aligner in this protective box to prevent them from any micro bacterial infection in your teeth. Before casing them, make sure to wash them properly and dry them.

Just like you take care of your hygiene, in the same way, your aligner requires care and concern toward their hygiene parameters.

Taking good care of aligner will keep them in good condition and also prevents other dental problems.

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